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The Peace River

Vital to salinity balance in the estuary, Industrial Sewer for phosphate industry 100+ years

About the Peace River

  • Creek/Seminole name: Talakchopcohatchee     Early Spanish name: Rio de La Paz

  • 106 miles long1,367 square miles

  • Drinking water for Manatee, Sarasota, Desoto and Charlotte counties

  • Passes through four counties

  • Home to several endangered/threatened species

  • 127 FDEP verified impaired sections (nutrients and fecal)

  • No Outstanding Florida Waters sections

This is a map of the Peace River watershed. I, Karl Musser, created based on USGS data.

The Myakka River

Federal Wild and Scenic Designation (Sarasota County), Centerpiece for Myakka State Park

About the Myakka River

This is a map of the Myakka River watershed. I, Karl Musser, created based on USGS data.

What's At Stake

In December 1971, a phosphate industry “clay settling area” breached and sent a white tidal wave all the way down the Peace River and into the Harbor, killing everything in its path.


The phosphate industry remains a clear and present danger to the river, harbor, and its people.

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